About Us



In early 2019, MaxAngle was founded by a group of partners with over ten years of experience in laser projection and optics. It has been exciting to witness the development of laser TV in this industry. However, throughout the development of this product and its gradual introduction to the market, we have been pondering a question: how to make laser TVs more accessible to mainstream household consumers? The existing laser TVs on the market generally have a high R&D cost that drives up the price, which discourages many customers.  In many cases, people are unable to afford the high price, which prevents them from taking advantage of the unimaginable experience that can be brought by such an innovation at home. Therefore, we decided to form MaxAngel in 2019 to change this situation. In order to provide every user with the first laser TV, our goal is to create an extremely cost-effective laser TV with the ideal balance between performance and price.

Upon starting the company, we aimed to launch our first product within three years, and today we are thrilled to announce that this goal has been achieved. Our team started with just a dozen people, in order to achieve a brighter, clearer, and more comprehensive picture, we kept inviting technology experts from other countries like Japan and Germany to our team, as well as successfully acquired financing support from core technology companies for optical lenses. All the above preparation and hard work helped us grow quickly and further accelerate the launch of our products.

MaxAngel Laser TV has brought us a wealth of wonderful moments, and we are confident of winning your trust and affection with its excellent quality and reputation.

What is our value?

To enrich your life by reimagining home entertainment with incredible audio-visual experiences and supersizing all that you love.