Reimagining Home Entertainment

Your Next TV Is Not a TV

Simply put, MaxAngel revolutionizes the home cinematic experience. This space-saving, stylish laser projector utilizes a laser-powered UST projection 22.8” from any wall, remarkable 4K UHD resolution, and insanely bright 2500 ANSI lumens1 to provide you a luxurious TV-like experience—without the TV.

Ultra-short throw technology

Projector throw ratio refers to the ratio of projection distance to screen width. The smaller the ratio, the shorter the projection distance is required to achieve the same screen width, however, the requirements for the optical machine and projector itself are higher. Compared to the most common projector throw ratio on the market, which is 2:1, the MaxAngel M1 adopts ultra-short throw technology, 0.21:1 large depth of field ultra-short focus lens design, just 6.6 inches from the wall, you can enjoy a 100-inch projection effect! You can place it anywhere you desire and simply plug in the power cord to begin enjoying the incredible viewing experience.


Next-Level Image Clarity

Say goodbye to blurry images when watching sports or action films. MaxAngel’s efficient 60Hz motion compensation technology (MEMC) ensures your display and viewing experience is always exuberant, unbelievably smooth, and like no other.



MaxAngel M1*1 User Manual*1 Quick Start Guide*1 Power Cord*1 Remote Control*1 AAA Battery*2